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Refereed Proceedings

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Books/Chapters and Byline Articles

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Patents (Issued Only, Listed by Priority Date)

  1. Channelrhodopsins for optical control of cells - US 10472399
  2. Channelrhodopsins for optical control of cells - US 10472398
  3. Blue light-activated ion channel molecules and uses thereof - US 10392426
  4. Automated Cell Patch Clamping Method and Apparatus - US 9668804
  5. Automated Cell Patch Clamping Method and Apparatus - US 9498293
  6. Red-shifted opsin molecules and uses thereof - US 8957028
  7. Identifying new therapeutic agents - US 9428845
  8. Methods and apparatus for control of hydrothermal nanowire synthesis - US 8367435
  9. Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules - US 9499848
  10. Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules with error control - US 8263335
  11. Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules - US 8507226
  12. Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules - US 8206952
  13. Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules - US 7879580